With a view to Industry 4.0, the processing line is managed through a complex automation system that provides remote access, only for authorized personnel, to the machinery in the event of anomalies and breakdowns.

The SRF production process makes use of the best technologies offered by the international scene and develops through the following phases:

  • primary shredding for a preliminary reduction of the size;
  • iron removal to separate ferrous metals;
  • screening for the elimination of fine material;
  • aeraulic separation for the subdivision according to the different specific weight;
  • optical selection for the selection of different plastic polymers and the elimination of plastics consisting of PVC;
  • secondary refining by shredding to obtain the required size.
Formazione professionale
highly qualified personnel
Utilizzo da remoto
remote access to machinery

know how

know how

TAll staff are trained to achieve the highest levels of know-how for the management of the various activities.


An integral part of the training is the full command of the legislation applicable to the field in which we operate.

problem solving

Problem solving propensity, continuous updates, teamwork aptitude and a strong sense of belonging to the company.



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Impianto R.P.F.
Impianto R.P.F.